we are go for cedar point

~ aug 24 - 26

the plan is to drive up the night before, get a hotel and get some rest. then, we'll get some fucking french toast and arrive at the park when it opens.

ideally, saturday is the best day to go to the park, because all the fun and sun and the drive home can really take it out of you; it's great to have sunday to rest again. however, sunday attendance is generally lower and swell is currently scheduled to work saturday morning.

so, how about sunday? or, maybe some of you would like to go for 2 days and swell (and others?) can join you saturday evening.

regular park admission is $42.95. but you can buy 4 one-day passes online for $130 (that's $32.50 ea.)

soak city admission is $29

2-day ride & slide is $70.95

parking is $10

everyone is expected, of course, to chip in evenly for hotels, parking and gas, as well as contribute to the driving, as needed.

things to bring:

  • sunscreen (you pale idiots)
  • swimwear
  • sunglasses
  • cash money (national city atms are availble onsite)
  • pants/shorts with large, fastenable pockets (or a fanny pack, you sissies)
  • light cotton clothes
  • comfy shoes
  • state-issued i.d. for the purchase of adult beverages and the rental of go-karts

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annual cedar point vacation

who: anyone & everyone (group discounts available for 15+)

approximately when: early august (preferably not the 6th, 7th or 11th)

where: sandusky, oh

what to bring: swim suit, sunscreen, i.d., patience (or something to do while waiting in line)

possible overnight stay in some cheap hotel (or campground?) the night before or after, depending on interest. carpooling available from several indiana locations.

comment if you're interested. note days you would prefer or absolutely cannot do.

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it's a luau

\and you're invited!

what: backyard cookout, campout and luau

when: saturday, june 9 & sunday, june 10, 2007

where: s providence dr, nineveh, in  46164

bring your grass skirts and aloha shirts. bring beer and stay the night in your very own tent (which you should also bring). leis will be provided.

rsvp for more information.

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sqztgthr's answers

where have all the cowboys gone?

i think they all went to quarantine's birthday party.

what was your first job?

party planner.

what are your plans for today?

try to get someone--anyone--motivated enough to narrow down the dates for cedar point.

also, look into a canoe adventure.

what's your favorite video game of all-time?

though less so now, dance dance revolution once had quite a large draw for pre-sqeez get-togethers.

What do you do when nobody else is around?

invite them to meet up with me!

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nice avatar!

ops, i mean nce avtr!

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